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Upcoming Events

Private Event

Private Event

Events: 1

Bring an Irish tone to your next party or gathering. Wake the Bard is available for private events and parties

Show Events

Date Title Place City Type
8.00.pm - 10.00.pm
Scottish Masonic Temple Scottish Masonic Temple Pasadena Private Event

Public Event

Public Event

Events: 3

Come and hear Wake the Bard play all your favorite Irish and Celtic songs.

Show Events

Date Title Place City Type
3.00.pm - 6.00.pm
Pines Lakefront Restaurant The Pines Lakeffront Big Bear Lake Public Event
10.00.am - 2.00.pm
Killarney's Pub Killarney's Temecula Temecula Public Event
7.00.pm - 11.00.pm
Boondocks Pub Boondocks Pub Corona Public Event


Upcoming Events

03-06-2015 | 8.00.pm
Scottish Masonic Temple

03-15-2015 | 3.00.pm
Pines Lakefront Restaurant

03-17-2015 | 10.00.am
Killarney's Pub

03-17-2015 | 7.00.pm
Boondocks Pub

Past Performances

31-01-2015 | 6.30.pm
Lake Inn - GVL

23-08-2014 | 5.00.pm
Sawdust Festival

13-07-2014 | 3.00.pm
Music at the Mansion

12-07-2014 | 5.30.pm
Garden Concert Series

17-03-2014 | 5.00.pm
St. Patrick's Day Party

17-03-2014 | 10.30.am
Killaney"s Pub

16-03-2014 | 2.00.pm
San Manuel Casino

14-03-2014 | 5.00.pm
Redlands Country Club

18-01-2014 | 7.00.pm
Lake Inn - Green Valley Lake

30-11-2013 | 1.30.pm
Oak Glen Apple Butter Festival